Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Some Days...!

Some days I yearn to meet her again,
My younger carefree self.
Some days I try to remember how life was,
When I was accountable just for myself!

I miss being out and about,
Stepping out anytime, at a whim!
Not worrying about nap-time schedules,
And packing snacks and toys for him!

I miss relaxing on vacations,
And actually putting my feet up, doing nothing.
Not being on-the-run behind a frisky toddler,
And worrying about him falling and hurting.

I miss savoring fancy meals at restaurants,
Relishing every bite and sip.
Not gulping down my portions,
And taking turns in entertaining the little imp.

I miss sleeping in,
And unplanned lazy days.
Not being rudely awaken by little kicks and jabs,
And planning mealtimes and play-dates.

I miss catching up on movies,
And being abreast with the latest music in town.
Not swaying to the 'finger family',
And watching the wheels go round and round!

I miss hanging out with my buddies,
And just chatting, teasing and gossiping through the night!
Not discussing brain-draining toddler tantrums,
And potty training woes, sigh!

I miss dressing up pretty.
And taking time to decide between the blue and red.
Not hurriedly settling in for my usual 'mommy-clothes',
And styling up my boy, instead!

I do miss a lot of aspects,
Of my life before I became a Mum,
But I also am in love with my beautiful present,
With my sweet little Honey Bun!

Some days I just like to let my mind wander,
And reminisce the years bygone,
Some days, I allow myself to look past my blessed today,
And be in awe, of how much I have grown! 💛

Saturday, 9 February 2019


There is this little man,
Who has super powers,
He runs the show at our home,
We function under his orders!

He carries a special meter,
One that tests our patience,
A task master that he is,
Makes sure we are often tested.

He has the biggest heart,
Forgiving comes so easy to him,
He has the most sparkling eyes,
And the cheekiest of grins.

He teaches us everyday,
What unconditional love is,
With his generous showers of cuddles,
And sloppiest of kisses!

He 'beeps' his way about,
Pretending to be a vehicle,
Entertainment unlimited,
Our precious little miracle!

When I manage to sneak in,
A few minutes of quiet without him around,
I end up humming to myself,
'Wheels on the bus,
Go round and round!'

He has perfected the art,
Of making me question my sanity, one minute,
And tugs at my heart strings, the very next!
I love the version of myself, I see in his doting eyes,
To actually be that person, I try my absolute best!

When I count my blessings,
You top the list, 
Oh my sweet little Threenager,
I love you to bits! 

Friday, 9 February 2018

TWO for joy!

It seems not too long ago,
When I felt you gently wiggle in my tum.
Just like that, with a swish of a wand,
Here you are, a cheeky monkey, always on the run!

I try my best each day,
To soak in your magical babyhood.
Time seems to be in a wild hurry,
It halts awhile, I wish it would!

You have snuggled so deep into my life,
To become my number one guy!
Ah, even during those 'me-times'
That I manage on some days,
I end up missing you! Sigh!

Everyday my heart swells,
Like it loves you, through and through.
And then the next day I realise,
I love you, a measure more. I do!

There are times,
When you test my patience,
Oh, every ounce of it!
But at the end of the day,
When I steal a kiss from you, my sweetness
Everything is absolutely worth it!

I am smitten by your charm,
By the little person you are blossoming into.
You make me strive to be a better person,
And the best Mother, I can be to you!

Nothing touches my heart more,
Than your smile, so utterly infectious.
Blessed, to call you mine,
My precious bundle of happiness!

Live it up, my Little Man,
Spread your brand of cheer wherever you go,
Paint the world in colours anew,
As you welcome the terrific TWO!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


One tiny little being,
Toddling around at home these days,
Has us wrapped around his pinky,
And swaying to his ways!

Each day promises,
Adventures anew.
With this mini in the house,
Moments of lull are oh-so-few!

The joy he finds in the smallest of things,
Makes us embrace life tighter,
The charm about his teeny self,
Makes our lives, a whole lot brighter!

Watching him grow so sweet,
Swells ours hearts with pride,
Seeing our pint-size get bigger,
We wish time would freeze, just a while!

The epitome of happiness,
Smiles come so easy to him,
Even days of cloud, clear away,
When Sonshine smiles through the grim.

The hearty laughter,
The wide-eyed gaze,
The messy hair,
Oh, that cute face!
The crinkle-nosed grin,
The belly giggle,
Those first baby steps,
With the cutest wiggle waggle.
The constant chatter,
In the sweetest baby babble,
Oh you little drool monster,
Dribble dribble drabble!
The sloppiest kisses,
The warmest hugs,
The sleepy-face cuddles,
And the pyjama tugs.
Those squeals of chuckles,
Naughty beams,
Hysterical tummy tickles,
Ah, and the deafening screams!

Precious is every moment,
Spent with our little dude.
Unparallelled is the joy, 
Of creating memories with our bundle of cute!