Thursday, 29 March 2012

In his eyes…


In his eyes… I see…
…the love he has for me.
In his eyes… I envision…
…beautiful days as 'we'.
In his eyes… I feel…
…the depth of his passion.
In his eyes… I mirror…
…the longing… the attraction. 
In his eyes… I cherish,
…countless memories of sweetness.
In his eyes… I  experience,
...unexplainable happiness.
In his eyes… I realize,
…my dreams coming true.
In his eyes… I nurture,
…fantasies anew.
In his eyes… I search…
…for secret desires.
In his eyes… I find…
...questions for me, unanswered…
In his eyes… I gaze…
…wishing time would freeze.
In his eyes… I drown…
…mesmerized and pleased.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A cozy little dwelling, that we call 'Home'! :)

Someone very rightly said, 

'A house is built with walls and beams, a home is built with love and dreams!' :)

Like many other newly weds, we had been nurturing this desire of having a beautiful comfy little retreat to call our own, where we could celebrate our lives together. After months of hunting for that perfect home of our dreams, we finally zeroed in on one place which best matched our criteria, in almost every way. Yes, we bought it.

It being a resale apartment, needed quite a share of renovation to bring it to shape to best suit our taste. The following couple of months, saw us carrying out careful planning, cautious budgeting, tedious purchasing and meticulously putting together ideas and thoughts. And when the make over finally came to its finale, the end result made our heart swell with joy... that's when every minute of the back breaking process seemed absolutely worth it!  

Over these few months we had witnessed our newly owned asset slowly grow from a mere concrete structure to a warm cozy abode... which we fondly call 'home'!! :)

 Welcome Home!! :)

 some fancy chairs frolicking in the hall

 a sneak peak at the cozy corner

 our fav textured wall

the low seating lounge by the dining area

a glimpse of the master bedroom

the second bedroom, doubling up as the computer room

the chef's zone :)  

wats cooking today?!

the lil wash basin with some fancy decor

our tribal frnds from Andaman guard the mini wash basin :)