Tuesday, 3 April 2012


[Dated 19th July 2004. This poem is on the fire accident that happened in a school in Kumbakonam in 2004 http://www.rediff.com/news/2004/jul/16tn.htm]

It all seemed like a nightmare,
A cruel prank played by fate.
They were all here just minutes ago...
And now, this instant...they are gone.
With childish eagerness,
They were reciting lessons.
When all of a sudden,
They were rudely hushed.
Wails of anguish,
Replaced rhymes...
As the little ones battled,
Ruthless flames of fury.
Left to fend for themselves,
They panicked, they cried.
Hugging each other for support,
They hoped to find a way out.
When it finally ended,
The scene was heart wrenching.
In the once merry class rooms,
The silence was deafening.
Charred school bags and text books,
Unopened Tiff in boxes...
The odour of burnt flesh,
Told poignant tales of the tragic ordeal.
The day will be remembered,
For the distress it has caused.
The life of ninety young souls,
Was cruelly snuffed out...

Oh God, please let this not happen again!