Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hush, baby girl!

[This poem has been published in Women's Era May 2012 edition. Click here to view.]

It is dark in here Mama,
I feel frightened and alone.
But my fear is lulled by the thought,
Of snuggling in your loving caress, soon.
My tiny little fingers,
Seem impatient to clasp yours.
The little heart within me,
Pounds excitedly, as the D-day nears.
My daddy’s princess,
I dream to be.
 And get pampered in the love,
That would be showered on me.
Oh, I just can’t wait,
To live this beautiful life you are gifting me.
I fail to express my gratitude,
To you, for creating me.

Is there something amiss Mama?
I sense tears in your eyes.
I wanted to bring only joy to you,
Incomparable to anything else.
I may be small,
But my emotions are real.
I feel your pain like you do mine.
You seem saddened a great deal.
I am scared. I am confused,
What’s all the turmoil?
Why do they detest me so much?
Just because... I am a girl?

I will be a good child Mama,
I promise, I would.
I am like a flower waiting to bloom,
Please don’t nip me in the bud.
So what if I am not a boy,
I love you the same,
God planned me this way,
How am I to be blamed?
Oh dear, my wails of plea,
Are bouncing off deaf ears.
The smothering hatred outside,
Feels darker than the darkness in here.