Friday, 20 July 2012

Thus, I learnt...

I was vexed with my sandals,
… they did not compliment my dress’s green.
Until, I walked a mile in the shoes of a man,
Who had none, to cover his bare feet.

I felt disgruntled at a restaurant,
…the Italian dish I ordered, lacked extra spice.
Until, my eyes locked on the famished urchin outside,
Dreaming of a mere morsel of rice.

I groaned that my weekend was over,
… lazy to start a new work week.
Until, those tiny hands cleared the dishes from my table,
And headed on to the next, without a break.

I scoffed at times, on being told what to do,
… irked by endless words of advice.
Until, I met a friend, who yearned to be cared for,
Orphaned, left to fend for herself.

I grumbled as the power went off,
... my favourite TV show was on air that night.
Until, I looked at those kids out door,
Bent over chalk slates, studying under the street light.

I felt tormented by the stress at office,
... home and work, tough juggling the two.
Until, my home-help turned up for duty one day,
Bruised, beaten black and blue.

I frowned at the mirror,
… my hair just wouldn’t style, like I desired.
Until, I was shushed by a smiling little boy,
His cancer-stricken bald head, left him undeterred.

I lamented as my treasured ear-ring was lost,
… sulked and moaned for days.
Until, I read about the martyr’s young wife,
Bottling anguish, she saluted the coffin. Her life astray.

As I looked around, I realised,
What a pretty life, mine is.
A rush of gratitude over powered me,
Thus, I learnt... to count my blessings.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


[Dated: 6th Dec 2009]

Like a garden of scented flowers,
You blossomed into my life…
Like the warm rays of sunrise,
You decorate my days with delight.
With those captivating velvet eyes,
You trap my every thought…
With that mesmerizing dimpled smile,
You steal my sleep, night after night.

Each morning as I wake,
My eyes yearn to meet yours,
The second you make your presence,
Shyness precedes my gaze.
Even a simple conversation with you,
Seems divinely poetic,
Just a casual glance of yours,
Seems incurably magnetic.
A mere touch of your hand,
Exudes the warmth of a loving embrace…
Kindles unknown desires,
Brings a glow to my face.
Feelings for you,
Makes me want to dance in the rain,
Moments with you,
Rids me of all worries and pain.

I realize I smile to myself,
Every instance you come to my mind.
I realize that I smile all day long,
As you reside in each thought of mine…
My treasured dreams,
Are painted in rainbow colours, anew…
With full hearted faith,
I hand them over entirely, to you.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Kid Sister

The one that started it all! In 1994, a ten-year-old me penned this down.... my first poem! :)

A kid sister is more than fine,
I like to have her all for mine.
I like to watch her play in the sand,
While she is wearing a pretty little band.
But sometimes I don’t like a kid sister,
Because she would be a big pester.
She dirties her blouse and messes up the house,
And she enjoys chasing a big fat mouse.
She walks on her toes,
Into the kitchen of course.
To get some jelly,
And feed her belly.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


[dated : 3rd May 2004]


They walked together,
Hand in hand,
Leaving behind footprints,
On the beach sand.
Moonlight smiled upon them,
As the water kissed their feet,
Cool breeze ruffled their hair,
A lovely tête-à-tête.
She nestled her head,
On his shoulder,
Looking at the vast stretch of blue.
The moment was beautiful,
The timing was perfect,
And he whispered, ‘I love you..’
She smiled and looked,
At his handsome face.
She loved him too,
And told him so.
As they begin their new life,
As husband and wife,
They are glad they have each other,
For now and for ever.