Friday, 11 May 2012

Twice on Woman's Era, May 2012! Yay :)

Woman's Era May(first) 2012 edition is special to me! 


I was aware that my poem 'Hush, baby girl!' has been selected by the editorial panel of Delhi press and that it would appear in a forthcoming edition of WE. The moment I got hold of WE, May (first) edition, my eyes scanned through the Index for the poem title. The instant I spotted it, I browsed directly page number 23 to see my work in print! As in the case last two times, a sense of satisfaction and pride warmed me :) 
However, nothing prepared me for the exhilleration I felt when I accidently bumped into my article 'Wedlock and its Golden Keys' as I was casually glancing through the rest of the magazine!! :) Wonder how I completely missed it on the Index page! :)

Thank you Woman's Era for considering my work good enough to be featured twice in the same edition! :)