Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Share some love!

Renounced at birth,
Her hope for love, was dim.
Aching for a bundle-of-joy,
Their lives, were grim.

 Her coos and babbles,
Melodies to their ears.
Tears welled up in their eyes,
Of ecstasy and new found cheer.

She needed to be cradled,
Loved, pampered and kissed.
They yearned to do just all that,
As they trudged along, endless wait.

 Those soulful infant eyes,
Tugged hard at the woman’s heart.
The emptiness in her life, died
As she fondled the baby, with utmost warmth.

 The moment was magical,
As they welcomed the precious one,
A new relationship was born,
Painted in the colours of love!