Monday, 7 November 2011

Moonlight smiles through the darkness

It is sometime on the darkest night that the moon seems its beautiful best. While the endless darkness of the night sets the perfect stage for the magical dance of the moonlight, the pearly magnificence of the moon simply amplifies. I wonder how this natural aura of the moon, up there on most nights for us to behold, goes unnoticed many a times. But on those completely dark moments, its presence is comforting and we marvel at its beauty. 

Not too long ago, I was going through a thorny phase in terms of job hunt and finding back my self-confidence, which I was beginning to feel, was slipping away into the uncertainty of the situation. Just prior to my wedding a year back, I had relieved myself from my past career of half a decade, to completely embrace with both hands, a lovely new episode in my life. And cherish I did (...and still am...), every second of it! It was a choice I had made with absolutely no regret. 

A few months into my blissful wedded life, my mind was all set to make a comeback on the professional front. It was my choice again that I did not want to get back to what I was doing previously but wanted an occupation that would not only be more creative but will also give me more personal time. By this decision, I wasn’t making things easy for me, and little was I prepared for the long laborious journey ahead! 

Like a new kid on the block, I ventured into the big corporate world to try my luck. The number of doors I knocked at, I lost count of. Some chose to conveniently ignore me, a few outright rejected my profile for mismatch, while the others loved to keep me in suspense by merely sounding positive, but not really meaning though. 

Several disheartening attempts later, one offer sounded promising. I had shone through the initial rounds and was nail-bitingly waiting for the final call. And then it happened. I was told though my performance was outstanding they suddenly decided to go slow on recruiting. In short, I didn’t get the job. As simple as it sounded, it was like deflating my ballooned up hopes! 

That night when my husband, who travelled along with me through this rickety ride, returned home from work, I divulged my rejection story. Knowing how much it means to me he sympathized all he could. Like a little dismayed abandoned child, I gushed out in frustration… ‘Nobody wants me!’ To which my dear husband dint miss a second to reassure me, ‘Aww! I want you!’ Amidst my distress, touched by his earnest attempt to comfort me, I couldn’t hold back my heartfelt smile as I hugged him. Nothing else in the world mattered to me!

The gloomy darkness that I was feeling earlier that night faded away, as the warmth of the moonlight flooded in, kissing it good bye.


  1. This was an interesting read and you have a capturing flair of writing! Keep it going... :)

  2. awwwww.. that was sooo awww!

    btw, I love the new look on the blog. I wish I had the patience to give my blog a makeover!

    and again BTW, me is trying to reach either u or Praveen. Friends are planning a meet and wud love it if u guys join in too. sent u msg on FB. plz chk. :)


  3. @ :-Dee : Thanks so much! btw, ur ID is very interesting :)

    @ Purni : Thankiesss :) replied to u on FB.