Sunday, 28 September 2003

Spoof Writing... :D

How good is Indian Govt in crisis management?

The Govt of India and crisis management? Are you reminding me of ‘opposites’ I used to learn in my Fourth Grade English class?? Confusion, chaos, Indian Govt – they are synonyms for you! Look from any angle, and you will fail to connect these with crisis management!

Oh! I am sorry. A branch of management that our politicians know for sure – ‘Birthday Party Management’. Just about a few lakhs are spent on celebrating the (happy!) Birthday of a minister who gives a toothless grin and says he is so touched by the love and care people shower on him!! Doesn’t the oldy get a hint that these are nothing but ‘Maska-Chaska’. The sidekicks waiting to step into the current birthday ‘baby’s’ chores someday are the proud and efficient ‘Event Managers’ here!

Any real crisis to be discussed – say shortage of water, starvation, illiteracy – and you can sit back on your couch with pop corn and watch an Indian remake of ‘Star Wars’ but due to inadequate technological support (and for mere convenience!!) flying saucers are replaced by mikes, books, desks or anything at all that comes to their reach. (Statutory Warning : Make sure you are safe at home and not at the location!!) and the set of course is the one and only Parliament House!!

My my… look at them enjoying… and you talk about crisis management? With such entertainers…crisis situations won’t ever seem like it, they will in fact be the start of a new flick comedy or thriller – may be Gladiator next time??! Wait n watch…


  1. we also have good workers... but its only the poor performers and the useless expenses that get highlighted... indian politics is not all that bad... there are a lotta serious minded youth joinin politics now... so hopefully in a few years time we can expect a cut in the birthday expenditure of a toothless MP... [:)]

  2. Indian Government... It is not bad.. but it is slow... very slow... and we do have lots of intelligent people at key positions but to the surprise their hands are tied by the stupid ministers...

    Without proper crisis management we wouldn't have tackled the inflation rates, economic boom, nuclear deal with US, Kashmir problem, etc., etc., but still there are lots of improvements needed on both sides, the Government and the people.

    Things will Change!!! but when??? never know... but sure it will change... because lots of youngsters like us have started thinking!!!

  3. Well Guys... thanks for ur comments. This blog was written wen i was in college! I was jus given this topic n had to spoof on the Indian Govt!

    Its true things will change... as youngsters r taking over... but the things covered in my blog r to an extent true na!! :) Moreover it relates to the situation that was present at that perid... (abt 4 yrs back...)