Friday, 1 October 2010

The choice - the welcome break!

The day dawned as usual… (…or so it seemed…!) Crows shattering the morning silence with their humdrum chirping… sunlight streaming into my room replacing the murkiness of early morn... and a sleepy me tossing and turning lazily in my bed. With my eyes still shut, my hand reaches out to my cell phone placed next to my pillow… hmmm… uh oh was it time to wake up from the alluring dream that I was presently dreaming…. to get ready for yet another lackluster day at work!?

It was 7:30! Argh… on an ideal day it was the time I would have to bid good-bye to dreamland and unwillingly begin my monotonous morning chores. It has always been difficult to get myself going through these daily routines on time. I disliked running behind time, I wanted time to go at my pace!

Well, but today… something was different! Something was pleasantly nice about today… something was positively special about the day… something that made a half-sleepy me, smile! Woah… instantly it hit me loud and clear, it was my first day post resignation! A feeling of complete freedom set in…

My mind raced back to the development of the recent by gone months… I recollected… the magical proposal, the beginning of a beautiful trance of my journey into life’s next chapter and the way it all just dint gel well with my current career life. Oh yes, as I stood at this crossroad in life where I had to make choices, I have made the choice which I felt best and have decided to give myself a little break from work to enjoy the lovely new phase in life that is awaiting me round the corner…!

After 5 long yrs of IT life, when days seemed to have its own set itinerary… a feeling of liberty like today’s… was heavenly! There was so much I have wanted to do for myself, at my own tempo… but had to shelf for obvious reasons… busy work-schedule!

Starting today, for the next few months (...until my heart is ready to take on work-life again…) my life is completely going to be in my hands and the clock would tick according to my tunes! Keeping the cell phone back in place, I snuggle cozily for another session of sleep… extended sleep! Blissful! Swiftly drowned into my enchanting paradise again… drifting into the lovely days ahead… of my BIG day… and the happier days beyond… life really seemed beautiful…

…for now, it was a hearty farewell to everything to do with work-life… and just complete-unlimited personal happiness and contentment! :)

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