Saturday, 12 November 2011

Anguish of a martyr’s widow

‘Time is the best healer’, they consoled.
Reality cannot be harsher.
As the days crawl by,
My wounds only get deeper.
Grief gnawing at my ruptured heart,
Haunt me with the horror of that dire day.
Absolute emptiness, I feel inside,
My soul refuses to come to terms.
Our beautifully painted future,
Has faded away to black
All I have left of you,
Is our precious little boy
Often he innocently ponders
‘Where has daddy gone?’
What remains of my heart melts with woe,
His is another crushed life, as mine.
Lost the meaning of my existence,
My will to live has died.
I feel no pain anymore,
Only an agonizing numbness instead
Exhausted all my tears,
I have not anymore left to cry
My body aches to its core,
As it yearns for your soothing embrace
Pricks from shattered bit of my life,
Eclipses the pride I feel of your gallantry.
I know not if I ever will find solace,
As I trod on alone, into uncertainty.


  1. I could feel the anguish in her voice through the poem, so you've been successful in getting that out. I don't quite agree that she is alone though, her son is there :) and his presence I'm sure has helped her through the uncertainties and might do so as she trods on forward!

    Very well composed poem! :) I love it!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  2. Thanks there Leo, nice to know your point of view.! :)
    Yup, I too dint fully agree (with myself!) on the fact that she is alone, cos of her little one. But then the poet in me felt he is too little to share her emotional loneliness.
    Thanks again for your lovely comments! :)

  3. A very intense one! Loved it Nans! :)

  4. Dhanya Gopinathan15 November 2011 at 16:02

    too touching.....:)

  5. Finally a poem so good! Is it really the cupid-season out there? every1 seems to be writing bout their heart-break-ups and their make-ups! And when I come across a touching poem like this, I am convinced that the poets around are not just heart-broken folks! Loved the poem! keep blogging fellow poet!

  6. Archu, Dhanya - Thankies girls :)

    AdiSin - Hello there! Thanks a lot, for your comments :)