Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Smothered Innocence

The Venna double murder of a doting grandmother and an innocent infant, touched my heart deeply and stirred up emotions within.

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Their precious bundle-of-joy,
She filled their lives with bliss.
Showered her with love and care,
Only the best life for her, they wished.

Princess of their kingdom,
Their world revolved around her.
Her every tear, her every cry,
They kissed away clear.

An ill-fated day came by,
With warning, none at all,
Turned their lives upside down,
Leaving everyone appalled!

Baby girl was taken,
Her hapless grandmother, slain
The family was swept in a wave,
Of immeasurable pain.

Grief-stricken by the loss of one,
With no news of the missing child,
Fearful thoughts, unspoken,
Crept inside every mind.

Where was the baby hidden?
Hope she is safe and fine.
Has she been harmed?
Is she in pain?

Their worst fear came true,
Hearts bled with agony,
Wounds got much deeper,
As details poured in, of the brutality.

Who was this monster?
Did God forget to put a heart in him?
How did his conscience permit him,
To commit such ruthless sins?

He traded the life of innocent two,
For mere greed of money,
What can be more inhumane,
Or is this the evil face of humanity?

Dreams of her happy future,
Burnt up in smoke,
They are left with just a vacuum,
That aches and chokes.

Dear God, please be their solace,
As they move on, sans their angel.
Cure this world of such demons,
Bring peace to the departed souls.


  1. A beautiful post Nanditha, just filled with tears reading it... its the worst thing that can happen to anyone... I just wish she rests in peace and pray for comfort from above to her family who still say they believe in humanity. Truly Saanvi lives in every one of our hearts and she ever will, no man can take her thought from us... If her parents do get to read this just one word " Your daughter will remain an angel to all of us" Love u Sanvi


  2. What awesome wordings dear!! Just felt the pain while reading every single line...I pray and wish that this should never happen in anyone else's life..And how could people do such a cruel thing?? Just can't accept this... I hope and pray that her family gets the peace from above....As Priya aid Sanvi is angel and will still remain in our hearts!!

  3. Beautifully written, every word captures the true feelings the family and each of us felt on every single day until this case was solved. Sanvi's ordeal has awakened the humanity in everyone reminding us how important it is to be compassionate to our fellow human beings... but its so unfortunate that it had to be at the cost of this little angels life. I cannot start to imagine the pain her parents are going through... and I really wish we could somehow undo all this tragedy and give them their precious baby back. I feel so helpless not being able to do anything. Such a miserable and hopeless world we live in :-(

  4. Beautifully written..love the post..

  5. Am astounded to see this side of you Nandita..why did I not check this earlier?? Each word resounds the pain the family has gone through. Feel ashamed that such inhuman people exist amongst us.

  6. I feel their pain as I read your poem. Your talent to put into words such breaking emotions are to be admired. Thanks for joining Manila Spoon - new follower now too - Abby from Manila Spoon.