Thursday, 3 January 2013

Shades of shame

December 2012 witnessed a horrific rape incident of a Delhi girl that shook the nation badly. It is one of the most distressing happenings of the recent times and touched many hearts across the world.

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I know her not personally,
But her story scarred my heart so deep.
Shuddering at her ghastly ordeal,
My eyes, too horrified to even weep.

I fail to get anywhere close to comprehend,
Her physical and emotional pain,
Barbarians disguised as drunken goons,
What pleasure did they gain?

No words can explain the insanity,
Of muscle power brutalising femininity.
Did they not think once of their own women back home,
As they savagely snatched away her dignity?

Abused and dumped on the road to die,
Bleeding and partly nude,
Inconceivable how one can do this to another,
Their evil minds, wretchedly skewed.

These malicious humans,
Paint the rest in shades of shame.
Lets collectively reform our society,
Leave aside the blame game.

Befitting punishment be slapped on them,
As merciless, as were they.
Justice be served right and fast,
Before the heat of this moment fades away.

It is high time, the nation awakened,
As she left, she lit a flame.
Respect women and protect them too,
Make the world a safer place.

Snuggled in the safest embrace,
None can harm her any more.
Pray for her soul to rest in peace,
Oh please Lord, no more such stories of gore!
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  1. The situation is so painful and I agree with you when you say, 'too horrified even to weep.'

    I wish punishment is given real fast, as they say, Justice delayed is justice denied. Also lets hope that the awakening takes some concrete shape and it shouldn't die...

    An emotional read.

  2. What a tearful read-shades of shame. Truly the incident is a horrific act of violation to each and every women. I feel they violated the purity of the very same vagina that they came from. Ashamed and humiliated that the verdict is still awaited.