Monday, 3 June 2013

Hostage (Beslan massacre - 2004)

dated - 4th September,2004 

As I commuted to work this morning, I saw several happy excited little kids on their way to school. Today marks the new school year for many. My thoughts involuntarily raced back to the horrendous memories of the crisis that took place in Beslan, Russia in 2004. Innocent little children and adults were gunned downed by crazed terrorists. Read more about the heart wrenching incident here.

They were so eager and happy,
This day was much awaited by them,
A new school year was beginning,
New friends, new books, new lessons...

They had hardly reached their school building,
They had hardly met their buddies,
They had hardly shared their stories,
When something terrible happened...

Masked men and women,
Crazed and blinded with a mission,
Seized the school premises,
Loaded with guns and ammunitions...

Hundreds of little children,
Parents and teaching staff.
Were taken hostage by the armed gang,
Is this a means to an end...?

Torture and trauma,
Prevailed for three agonising days,
Anxiety and fear,
Was written on every face...

But when the crisis, did finally end, 
There was little to rejoice, 
As there was much bloodshed...

Hundreds perished,
Succumbing to bomb blasts and bullets.
As mercilessly the terrorists,
Shot at fleeing young students...

The ultimate act of barbarism,
Targeting hapless young children,
What can be more horrific,
Heartless, inhumane...?

It tore at my heart,
As I followed these happenings,
Oh! God, what are we heading for,
Can anything be more brutal than this...?

May their innocent little souls rest in peace.

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