Monday, 24 February 2014

Price of Life

When he came to,
Everything was a blur,
Amidst the dizziness,
His gaze fell on her.
Her tears-stained face,
Had grief etched all over.
Those fine lines of wrinkles,
Appeared magnified that hour.

The turmoil within,
Had blinded him of life.
The angst he felt,
Dominated every emotion else.
His young self couldn’t cope,
When his exam-scores plunged negative,
The floor beneath his feet,
Seemed to cave in.
Tomorrow and beyond,
Looked black as night.
Hope, he saw none,
Was enveloped with shame and fright.
Just one door opened,
Welcoming him with open arms.
He walked on like a zombie,
Without any qualms.
Seconds passed slowly.
He, dizzy from loss of blood.
In his moment of weakness,
He only wished he was dead.

But, the world was not done with him yet.
God did not want him back yet.
Aide reached him in the nick of time,
Scooping him off the lap of death.

He winced with pain,
His wrist hurt from the slit.
But the ache in his heart was deeper,
As now, he was blanketed with guilt.
How did he not think of her?
At his mother he looked, with rue.
How did he lose sight of all else?
And decide this was the only cure? 
He was lucky to be alive.
And given a second chance.
A chance to live his life,
And not trade it at any price.

Life is precious, treasure it.
Problems are temporary, face with grit.
Failure is not the end of the world.
Suicide is NEVER the means to an end!