Friday, 5 December 2014

Games we play… Life and I!

Every day a new scene unveils, telling a story as it passes by.
Every day is crafted by, the games we play, life and I.

When I feel sorted-out, life drops me off at a crossroad.
When I sink into ambiguity, life leads me down the right route.
When I lean on a shoulder too long, life shoves me into solitude.
When I embrace loneliness, life treats me with friends anew.
When I ride high on success, life tugs me down to taste failure.
When I dare challenges, life applauds my endeavour.
When I smile at the glaring sun through shades, life counters with heavy showers.
When I learn to dance in the pouring rain, life hides the clouds under covers.
When I wallow in self-pity, life turns away and moves on.
When I lose sight of tomorrow, life picks me up and hugs me warm.

Every day is a brand new start, like a drawing board clear and white.
Every day I hope to paint, a picture ever so happy and bright.

When life puts me in darkness, I admire the grandeur of the moon.
When life paints my days in shades of grey, I await the rainbow that would surface soon.
When life mocks at my dreams, I dress them with colours more vibrant.
When life decides to pamper me, I indulge with no regrets.
When life rewards me with blessings, I celebrate with gratefulness.
When life rebukes me for my flaws, I retrospect with willingness.
When life ignores my prayers, I strengthen my faith.
When life seems to be a drag, I create memories while I wait.

And thus I learn to step up to life, by doing just whatever it takes…
So, when life gives me lemons, I plan to make lemon cheese cakes! :)

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