Thursday, 4 February 2016

Oh, Baby!

The moment I spotted the double bars,
My mind drowned in ecstasy.
And just like that began the odyssey,
Our beautiful journey of my pregnancy.

We are a team since, you and I.
In this together for months 9.
Everyday thereafter, I am never alone,
You, always with me, oh sweet child of mine!

From just a flicker on the monitor,
To a cherub frolicking in my tum,
Oh, watching you grow so pretty,
Is such a pleasure, my hun!

Seems ethereal...
The first time I heard,
Your beautiful heartbeat.
And the countless time I felt,
Those gentlest kicks,
Of your littlest feet.
The rolling and swishing,
Tumbling and twitching,
Oh, those tiny hiccups,
That make my belly go bouncing.
Those naughty elbow jabs,
Jiggling after every meal,
Ouch! Those occasional painful punches,
You sure are full of  zeal!

Now as I sight the finish line,
And prepare excitedly for our first meet,
I yearn to cuddle you tight with all my warmth,
Breathe in your scent. Kiss you sweet.

Oh, baby! We await your arrival,
Your father and I,
Make us dance to your little tunes,
Take the center stage of our lives!


  1. Beautifully expressed nans!

  2. Congratulations :-) so beautifully penned.. The best one of yours :-)

  3. Congratulations :-) beautifully penned :-) the best poem till now :-)