Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Rhythm of Life

A warm 'Good Morning' greeting,
Just as you u rise from deep slumber...
A mesmerizing dream so realistic,
Which forever, you cherish and remember...

A secret giggle with your best pal,
Unknown to anyone else around...
A spontaneous exchange of smiles with a stranger,
Which leaves you spellbound.

A hush-hush glance of interest,
Thrown at you by a person you secretly fancy.
The overwhelming joy,
Of knowing you mean the world to somebody!

A loving hug from grandma dearest,
Inducing a feeling of being the most treasured in this whole world,
A stolen kiss on those soft tender cheeks,
Of a sleeping baby, only a few days old...

Looking up at the cloudy sky,
Permitting the rain drops to caress your face...
Flirting with danger - yelling your lungs out...
And stepping off a thrill ride, in a daze!

Freaking out with beloved friends,
And losing yourself to craziness,
The priceless bliss experienced,
When you are the cause, for someone's happiness.

Coping with the despair,
Unintentionally, caused by a loved one.
Counting the seconds as they slowly pass,
In the absence and wait of a special person...

Dancing like no one is watching,
And laughing without reasons...
Portraying serenity at times...
Owing to mood swings, just as seasons...

The delight of being understood,
With unsaid words through the voice of the eyes...
An utmost feeling of contentment,
Of executing a well planned surprise...

Bitter-sweet feelings of separation,
At those moments of farewell...
Leaving behind a phase in life,
And traveling to the next level...

It's in the little things in life,
Where its real essence lies,
Live it up and move on,
Just sway to the rhythm of life!!