Wednesday, 18 July 2012


[Dated: 6th Dec 2009]

Like a garden of scented flowers,
You blossomed into my life…
Like the warm rays of sunrise,
You decorate my days with delight.
With those captivating velvet eyes,
You trap my every thought…
With that mesmerizing dimpled smile,
You steal my sleep, night after night.

Each morning as I wake,
My eyes yearn to meet yours,
The second you make your presence,
Shyness precedes my gaze.
Even a simple conversation with you,
Seems divinely poetic,
Just a casual glance of yours,
Seems incurably magnetic.
A mere touch of your hand,
Exudes the warmth of a loving embrace…
Kindles unknown desires,
Brings a glow to my face.
Feelings for you,
Makes me want to dance in the rain,
Moments with you,
Rids me of all worries and pain.

I realize I smile to myself,
Every instance you come to my mind.
I realize that I smile all day long,
As you reside in each thought of mine…
My treasured dreams,
Are painted in rainbow colours, anew…
With full hearted faith,
I hand them over entirely, to you.

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