Thursday, 12 July 2012


[dated : 3rd May 2004]


They walked together,
Hand in hand,
Leaving behind footprints,
On the beach sand.
Moonlight smiled upon them,
As the water kissed their feet,
Cool breeze ruffled their hair,
A lovely tête-à-tête.
She nestled her head,
On his shoulder,
Looking at the vast stretch of blue.
The moment was beautiful,
The timing was perfect,
And he whispered, ‘I love you..’
She smiled and looked,
At his handsome face.
She loved him too,
And told him so.
As they begin their new life,
As husband and wife,
They are glad they have each other,
For now and for ever.


  1. Hi there, romantic poem. You seem to be an amchi. Are you the same Nanditha- wife of Namith?

  2. awesome! fan of your poems! :)

  3. It was a sweet one ... cheers!