Tuesday, 25 April 2017


One tiny little being,
Toddling around at home these days,
Has us wrapped around his pinky,
And swaying to his ways!

Each day promises,
Adventures anew.
With this mini in the house,
Moments of lull are oh-so-few!

The joy he finds in the smallest of things,
Makes us embrace life tighter,
The charm about his teeny self,
Makes our lives, a whole lot brighter!

Watching him grow so sweet,
Swells ours hearts with pride,
Seeing our pint-size get bigger,
We wish time would freeze, just a while!

The epitome of happiness,
Smiles come so easy to him,
Even days of cloud, clear away,
When Sonshine smiles through the grim.

The hearty laughter,
The wide-eyed gaze,
The messy hair,
Oh, that cute face!
The crinkle-nosed grin,
The belly giggle,
Those first baby steps,
With the cutest wiggle waggle.
The constant chatter,
In the sweetest baby babble,
Oh you little drool monster,
Dribble dribble drabble!
The sloppiest kisses,
The warmest hugs,
The sleepy-face cuddles,
And the pyjama tugs.
Those squeals of chuckles,
Naughty beams,
Hysterical tummy tickles,
Ah, and the deafening screams!

Precious is every moment,
Spent with our little dude.
Unparallelled is the joy, 
Of creating memories with our bundle of cute!

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