Friday, 9 February 2018

TWO for joy!

It seems not too long ago,
When I felt you gently wiggle in my tum.
Just like that, with a swish of a wand,
Here you are, a cheeky monkey, always on the run!

I try my best each day,
To soak in your magical babyhood.
Time seems to be in a wild hurry,
It halts awhile, I wish it would!

You have snuggled so deep into my life,
To become my number one guy!
Ah, even during those 'me-times'
That I manage on some days,
I end up missing you! Sigh!

Everyday my heart swells,
Like it loves you, through and through.
And then the next day I realise,
I love you, a measure more. I do!

There are times,
When you test my patience,
Oh, every ounce of it!
But at the end of the day,
When I steal a kiss from you, my sweetness
Everything is absolutely worth it!

I am smitten by your charm,
By the little person you are blossoming into.
You make me strive to be a better person,
And the best Mother, I can be to you!

Nothing touches my heart more,
Than your smile, so utterly infectious.
Blessed, to call you mine,
My precious bundle of happiness!

Live it up, my Little Man,
Spread your brand of cheer wherever you go,
Paint the world in colours anew,
As you welcome the terrific TWO!

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